Friday, June 7, 2013

The Art Corner

How many of you remember the treasure house called "The Art Corner" at Disneyland?  The Art Corner looked like something out of a Parisian dream from a Vincente Minnelli MGM musical which was odd being that it was housed within the futuristic area of Tommorrowland. After it opened at that location in September  1955 it became a regular destination for young artists and budding animators to visit. Why? Because in that wonderful little store one could purchase items that collectors today would give anything to own. One could buy flip books of Mickey, Donald, Pluto and the rest of the original Walt Disney stock company. 

There were plenty of colorful postcards of the new park illustrated with the same wonderful gang. You could also pick up vintage Disney cels for 75 cents to five dollars with a strangely mismatched BG print suitable for hanging. I was fortunate to pick up a bunch during our trips! As most of you now realize these cels are highly sought by both collectors and fans of the art of animation Disney style although they have risen dramatically in price over the years. Cels that went for 75 cents can now be found from time to time on ebay being offered (and sold) for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in a few cases. Besides the animation cels, they also offered unique items such as this Animation Kit. 

The description is as follows:
This kit is the result of considerable research and experimentation by the artists at the Walt Disney studio and is designed for anyone who likes to draw and has an aptitude for cartooning. It is complete in every detail and contains the following: 

One Animation Board complete with sides, glass, standard pages, and instructions for assembly and installation of light, two 16-page character model guide books using Walt Disney characters, one "Tips on Animation" book, one glossary of animated terms, one hundred sheets of high grade punched animation paper, two pencils, one eraser, six standard exposure sheets, and seven page treatise on animation methods at the Walt Disney Studio.

 Great way for the budding animators out there to get a head start. Sadly "The Art Corner" closed in 1966 but for those of us lucky enough to have been able to shop there it has provided memories (and souvenirs from the classic days of Walt Disney animation.


  1. I know what you mean Christopher. I just wish I had saved my allowance a bit better before visiting although I'm glad I was able to pick up some great items most of which I still have.