Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bugs Bunny Turns 75!

Working in the field of animation means you'll most likely have the opportunity to work for a few studios. The upshot of that of course, well besides staying employed, is that you'll get to experience much more diversity in styles, story telling and even subject matter. Plus you get to meet lots of different people. I've enjoyed working for the Walt Disney Studio for many years but also found happiness creating for Warner Brothers, Don Bluth Studios, MGM, ILM, Lucasfilm and others.
Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs

I was asked to create an illustration to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Bugs Bunny. What Mickey Mouse is to Disney, Bugs Bunny certainly fills the same role for Warner Brothers. As in most animated characters, Bugs was not the sole creation of any one person but rather developed by a few key people while appearing in shorts, one of the earliest being "Porky's Hare Hunt" directed by Ben "Bugs" Hardaway in 1938.
Mel Blanc gave the hare a voice and his wise acre delivery was somewhat inspired by Groucho Marx.

Bugs' first appearance in A Wild Hare (1940).
It may not have been the first but "A Wild Hare" directed by Tex Avery and released in 1940 is widely regarded as the first official Bugs Bunny cartoon. This short also heard Bugs utter for the first time his immortal line," Ehh... what's up Doc?" It was also honored with a nomination for Best Cartoon Short Subject the same year.