Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just one example of what we watched on Sunday nights back in 1960 when color television was a wonderful new experience, especially with Uncle Walt..


  1. The Wonderful World of Color really was wonderful! Thanks for showing that! Hi, I'm Mike Q, a while ago I asked to see the old painted backgrounds from Cinderella that showed a cool color scheme with heavier rococo detail. It was in January I asked about it, you said you would put it up but I don't know if you did already and I didn't see it or you forgot. So, any chance on me getting to see them now?

  2. Hi Mike,

    Glad you liked the "Wonderful World of Color" clip from the 60s. Those were definitely great times to be a youngster. No I haven't forgotten the Cinderella art but I have boxes and boxes of photos, slides, negatives along with actual artwork stored away that I have to sort through and just haven't been able to get to it but when I do I'll be sure to send you the link.

  3. Yea I love getting nostalgic about when I was a youngster too. I can't wait till I get to see that art, thanks so much!