Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art from the heART

This free event is the brainchild of Kim Peraza who is the Special Chairperson on Mortar Board UCLA which is their select Honor Society. She suffers from Epilepsy but has always tried to keep things positive and to give back whether sending packages to soldiers overseas, volunteering in shelters, or collecting food for shelters.

The great kids from the Mortar Board are going to help fund the CURE for Epilepsy with a benefit Art Show and Charity Benefit. There will be some amazing art for sale and silent auction. 

The format is very simple, they are also doing what many public television stations do, just put on an entertaining show and hope that people will like it so much they will donate since it is a free UCLA event. 

There will also be some behind the scenes clips never before seen of the making of some of the most popular animated films in history. They are also hoping that the CURE will provide a video hello from Susan the founder of CURE. The panel by the way is a veritable who's who of Disney animation and promises to be a lot of fun. Come on out and enjoy a wonderful evening and please donate for a very worthwhile cause.

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