Thursday, April 4, 2013

Roger Ebert

Today April 4, 2013, we lost one of my favorite film critics, Roger Ebert to a long and public battle with cancer. Although during the last few years he had lost his ability to eat, drink and even speak, he continued his popular reviews through his writing. In his words, "When I am writing, my problems become invisible and I am the same person I always was." I did not always agree with his point of view or specific remarks towards certain films but always found his judgment stimulating and thoughtful. The picture I am including for this post is not from the recent ones some will display after his surgeries but an earlier one and a personal favorite of mine that seems to capture what I remember best in Roger.

He was one of the best known film reviewers of his generation and to many of us the most trusted and grounded in his thinking. His approach was witty, sometimes very sarcastic but always an interesting and honest point of view. To borrow his famous phrase, I would give his contribution to the world of motion pictures "Two thumbs up!"


  1. Mike - thanks for posting this. I was a total devotee of Siskel and Ebert when they were on PBS, and later on ABC. It was a great loss to the industry when Gene passed, and now again with Roger.

  2. You're very welcome Carol although I wish it had been a happier posting. I rarely missed their reviews on PBS although I seldom agreed with all of their remarks, I always found their discussions stimulating and thoughtful.