Monday, April 1, 2013

New Star Wars TV Series "Star Destroyer"

Left to Rght:  Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher.

BURBANK, CA, April 1Making the jump to hyper space-sitcom, the Walt Disney Company announced today April 1, that they have decided to forego all previous plans for any additional Star Wars feature films and instead create a weekly TV series of the George Lucas classic storyline which will be produced by J.J. Abrams. 

As if that Deathstar bombshell isn't enough,what has Hollywood abuzz is that the original cast has agreed to reprise their roles for the new TV series including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Abe Vigoda returning as the Emperor.

Other characters include "Twilight" star Kristin Stewart as a robotic girlfriend for C3PO. To get ready for the role Kristin will reportedly "just be herself." Also In a homage to Snow White there will be 7 Ewoks that guard the princess all played by Jon Stewart (no relation). Old familiar faces include Jabba the Hut who has been enjoying his interstellar twinkies during the lengthy down time and is now referred to as Jabba the Apartment Complex. Rounding out the cast is Larry the Cable Guy who will play a Redneck Bounty Hunter named Bubba Fett.

When asked about the Porposed Star Trek TV series going up against the new Star War show he is also developing Abrams seemed confused sputtering, "You mean those are two different properties?" George Lucas was also asked his opinion on the new series to which he chuckled, "...Three Billion and one, Three billion and two, Three billion and three..."   Burbank Bugel- M Peraza


  1. Oh, BOY!
    Just when you don't think the future could get any brighter Disney is still pulling out all the stops.

  2. Well somebody is definitely pulling something here, may the farce be with us.