Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Infamy and Beyond!

Better set your lasers to stun, because that is what people are feeling about the latest news from up north. PIXAR sources are still tightlipped about the recent rumours that the PIXAR library will soon go the way of many cherished 2D toon titles and be re-made in Live Action. Trail blazers in this translation have already included, "George of the Jungle", "Bullwinkle","Alvin and the Chipmunks", "Casper", "The Flintstones," and of course Disney's own"101 Dalmations".
What some are calling early production designs, others are calling blasphemy. Nevertheless they are exciting to many of the PIXAR folks but then again so is a fresh  bag of Cheetos and and a bottle of Orange Crush. The original lineup will be completely re-cast except for Don Rickels who looks enough like a Potato Head already. 

Intergalactic word has it that early casting is Adam Sandler set to play Woody, Will Ferrel on board to blast off as Buzz Lightyear,  Amy Adams as Barbie and Ryan Seacrest as Ken. In a surprise move Emperor Zurg will be played by John Lasseter in a cameo roll, I mean role.

To Infamy and Beyond! Oh, and happy April 1st, 2012! - BURBANK BUGLE-MP


  1. Beginning to feel like Eisner's back in charge.

  2. Beginning to feel like Eisner's back in charge.

  3. Well I wouldn't go that far yet. At least not until they take another animated classic like say, Sleeping Beauty" and make a psychoanalytical live action film centering on the evil fairy Maleficent and... oh... wait... I see what you mean.